Prof. Dr. Wagner was honored by the FernUniversität in Hagen

Due to his 40th-year jubilee in the public service , Prof. Dr. Helmut Wagner was honored by Prof. Dr. Ada Pellert, the rector of the Fernuniversität in Hagen. Prof. Dr. Pellert especially emphasized Prof. Wagner’s value for the FernUniversität as an internationally highly recognized researcher. In 1976, he earned his doctoral degree at the University of Regensburg. In 1982 he took the position of a full professor at an university in Hamburg. Since 1995 he is full professor and chair holder of macroeconomics at the Fernuniversität Hagen, moreover he is the head of the macroeconomic section in the institute  “Hagener Managementstudien” and head of the Center for East Asia Macroeconomic Studies (CEAMeS).

Particularly Prof. Dr. Wagner’s remarkable international cooperation and his numerous, worldwide research trips were highlighted by Prof. Dr. Pellert. Besides of regular invitations by the International Monetary Fund, he has hold numerous visiting positions at other renowned institutions such as Princeton University, MIT, US Fed or the Bank of Japan. Prof. Dr. Pellert considers Prof. Dr. Wagner as a role model for other researchers because of his great number of international contacts.

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Prof. Wagner (r) ist honored by Prof. Pellert (l) (Source: FernUniversität in Hagen)