Second CEAMeS Workshop on East Asia Macroeconomic Studies in Xiamen has been successfully completed

The Second International Forum on East Asia Macroeconomic Studies organized by the Center for Macroeconomic Research (CMR) of Xiamen University, China and the Center for East Asia Macroeconomic Studies (CEAMeS) from the FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany took place in Xiamen last week. From the 9th May until the 11th over 40 international researchers from three different continents attended the three-day workshop. From the FernUniversität in Hagen Linda Glawe, Antonia Reinecke and Michael Murach presented their current research during the workshop. They were accompanied by Professor Helmut Wagner (Head of CEAMeS) and Professor Hans-Jörg Schmerer (Deputy-Head of CEAMeS), who participated actively in the discussions during the workshop. The forum included presentations by researchers from well-known institutions and universities such as Kobe University and Hitotsubashi University, Japan and CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), China. Prof. Wagner, who was invited to speak during the opening ceremony alongside Professor Wuyuan Chen (Director, Managing Department of Social Sciences, Xiamen University) and Professor Wenpu Li (Director of the Center of Macroeconomic Research of Xiamen University), was very satisfied with the second workshop. “I think the event was a great experience for all participants, and I want to thank the whole conference organizing committee for the smooth process during the workshop and our local hosts for their hospitality.” It was the second edition of the meeting, after the first workshop took place at the FernUniversität in Hagen one year ago.

Soruce: Center for Macroeconomic Research (CMR) of Xiamen University, China)

From CEAMeS Linda Glawe gave a presentation on her latest paper “On the Deep Determinants of Economic Development in China – a Provincial Perspective”, and Antonia Reinecke gave a talk about ”Estimating the Local Effectiveness of Institutions: A Latent-Variable Approach”. Michael Murach presented his paper “Success Factors for Sustainable Catching up – Lessons from South Korea for China” (all papers will soon be published as CEAMeS discussion papers).

The three-day workshop was marked by a cordial atmosphere and mutual respect between the attendants. In his closing remarks, Porfessor Wenpu Li expressed his contentedness with the course of the workshop in cheerful words. Prof. Wagner announced that the third edition of the workshop will take place in Germany in 2019, and will again be organized by the Center for East Asia Macroeconomic Studies. Prof. Schmerer stated, “The workshop has become a nice tradition between our organisations and I’m really looking forward to deepen our connections.”

(Source: Center for Macroeconomic Research (CMR) of Xiamen University, China)

In the next days, we will upload a few pictures from the workshop on our website.